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If you're attending the Big Wow Comic Con this weekend in San Jose, come by my table and say hey! 
For you Deviants in the Vancouver, Washington area tomorrow, I'll be signing (and selling some of my cool junk) for Free Comic Book Day, at Odyssey Comics and Coffee. And next weekend, I'll be at the Cherry City Comic Con, in Salem, Oregon. Stop by and say hey!
Drop by and say hey, at the Wizard World Portland (Artist Alley) January 26-28th!
Calling all you Northwestern Deviants! Come say hey to me in Artist Alley (table O-08) this Friday or Saturday at the Seattle Convention Center!
Calling all Northwest Deviants! Drop by Artist Alley at the Portland Coliseum this Sunday (Nov. 13th) and say hey! And if you're there around 11:30ish, you can catch my inking demo. (Please, no heckling!)
Here's the fine print:
I've slashed my original art prices by 15-25%! And in the next 2 weeks, if you purchase any art from my Comic Art Fans gallery…
just mention you're on DA, and I'll throw in a copy of the long out of print, "THE ART OF COMIC BOOK INKING" vol. II, for free!

This offer also applies to art commissions, so if you've thought about owning a piece of my original art, now's the time to pull the trigger!
For anyone attending the Comic Book Show (at the Portland Coliseum, this Sunday) Come by the artist area and say hi!
And don't forget to identify yourselves as fellow Deviants by slipping me the secret handshake!
This journal entry is only intended for the astute and exceptionally intelligent art appreciators, who are clearly above average in every facet of their exceptional lives! (Are you buttered up enough?)

For those interested in purchasing original art from my DA gallery, I have posted several pieces at Comic Art fans (…).
Hey all DA gang...... Peep this....>…
Come get a FREE copy of "Brohawk's Weapons of Choice the art of David Williams" with
purchase of an original $125 sketch of your choice.
There will be some available at San Diego Comic Con 2010 at the "Big Wow" booth.
Very limited amount.
Please come and find this Bro....with the mo.;)
For those of you who have inquired, I'm now selling original art at Cadence Comic Art…. I've got Nexus, Hulk, and X-Men pages for sale, along with a bunch of other cool stuff. So please help put food on my table and check it out. Thanks!!!
If you want to do a solid for a fellow starving artist, please vote for my t-shirt design. The winner gets a big sack o' moolah!  Here's the link:…

You may recognize this from a piece I posted here a few weeks back (with some minor alterations, to avoid the wrath of the house of "M").

Thanks in advance for everyones help!
I've received several portfolio review requests from you fellow deviants out there, so I'm starting the Sky-Boy School of Ink Art!

For a small fee, the author of "The Art Of Comic Book Inking" (that's me) will critique your work, and give practical suggestions that will raise your art to the next level! If you're seriously interested, send me a note and I'll give you the details.

Take care, and merry Christmas!!!

Inking Book by SKY-BOY
Check out Sergio Cariello's cool stuff and welcome him to deviant
Sergio is the current artist on "Lone Ranger" and my creative partner on our graphic novel series "Son of Samson" .
Sergio is a drawing machine! This crazy Brazilian can pencil and ink more pages in one day, than most guys do in a week!
My bestest bud and favorite artist, David "Brohawk" Williams, just came out with the most awesome sketchbook… seen in years! It's hardbound and bursting with gorgeous art on every page. So stop whatever you're doing and buy his book!!! (Or an associate of mine named Mongo will come knocking on your door.)
Whenever possible, when I post my various inks, I try to include the pencil art alongside. The other day when I was going through my flat files, I found a stack of xeroxes of my old inks from years past. I must have been a slacker back then, because I rarely made copies of the pencils I was inking. (What a dope!)
In the next several weeks, I'll be posting this stuff from early in my career. So please forgive me for not including the pencil art.
I'm off to Seattle next weekend (April 4-5) for the Emerald City Comic Con. Stop by Artist Alley and say oi!
Sorry bout my M.I.A., but I've been up to my eyeballs since Christmas. I promise to upload new stuff on a regular basis, now that I'm caught up with my various inking gigs (I just finished "Age Of Sentry" #6, which is my last ish).
Thanks for your patience,
What happened to "Merry Christmas"? People are so afraid to offend, they offer the politicly safe greeting, "Happy Holidays". I say BAH! Have some backbone and use the "C" word.

May God bless you this year, and to all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Son Of Samson vid

Thu Nov 6, 2008, 5:44 PM
Son Of Samson Update

I know what you're thinking.  "Where can I get my mitts on the spictacularly entertaining graphic novel series Gary Martin created called, Son of Samson?"

Here's the publisher's web link that also includes an amusing promotional vid:…

And if you're in the Portland area this Sunday (11/9), stop by the Portland Comic Book Show in the Memorial Coliseum and say hi. I'll be the one selling  art stuff at ridiculously low prices.


Here are 7 or 8 short vids… the inking demo I gave at the Tulsa Comic Con. The way-cool Hulk pencils are by the way-cool David Williams!